Coming Up

There are a lot of new features coming your way in the next version of Gym Workout Tracker.


We've been working hard to role out a new version of Gym Workout Tracker for the past few months so that it better suits the needs of its users, here are just a few of the changes we've made.


People had been saying that the colour scheme was a bit bland and we've listened, you've given the app a whole new colour scheme and colour coded the sets so you're able to tell whats going on during your workout.

We've also got extra sync settings that allow you to manage how far back in your workout history the app will sync, this is a useful new feature because it'll speed up syncing if you've got a slow data connection in the gym or at home.

We've added the ability for you to build a friends list which will come into play with future versions of the app where we intend to let you share your plans and exchange messages. 

Bug Fixes:

Various speed improvements so that the app is as responsive as possible during your workout.

Fixed issue where PR for new exercise wouldn't log.


So for now, keep training hard and look out for an the update in the next few days.

We're always looking for ways to improve and build on our app so that oyu can have the best workout possible, so if you have any ideas, leave us a review stating what you like and what you'd improve on the app store and we'll do our best to help.