What's new

There's been a couple of new updates to all versions of Gym Workout Tracker over the last few days, they're small, but worth it.

Thank you

It's been almost a year since development of Gym Workout Tracker started, we've logged a lot of time in the gym, testing features in a real life situation and coming back to the office to implement our notes, we've created features, removed features, added some bugs and fixed some bugs and almost killed the developers with great ideas that turned out to be hugely complicated and time consuming. But after 6 months of development and testing, on May 9th, we published our first version of Gym Workout Tracker to Android. Sure there were a lot of bugs, more than now if you can believe, but we put it out there, to see what people thought.

It's been 5 months since that first publish and we've had almost two hundred people download, install, and register, over three different types of OS (Android, iOS and Windows). What's amazing is that you've been willing to give us your time, by downloading our app, which hasn't been advertised anywhere, not even on social media and take it with you to the gym, so thank you and we hope you'll log many more workouts with us.

Latest update

Over the last few days, you may have seen a couple of new updates roll out. See below for changes:

  • Fixed settings page bug affecting newly registered members.
  • Fixed sync issue affecting newly registered/logged in members.
  • Updated stats calculations.
  • Various UI changes.
  • Added extra user options to feed page.
  • Added more descriptions.
  • Added better top menu action buttons.
  • Updated tablet layout.
  • Fixed issue where set resistance type wouldn't sync.
  • Added notes history to set screen.
  • Improved set log screen load time by over 5x.

Did you know? We've also published to the Amazon App store and we've made the GWT app available for Windows too, so now you'll be able to log workouts and build plans on any of your devices and have the changes sync between all of them.

Your feedback

We're always looking for feedback, so if you'd like to get involved in the development of Gym Workout Tracker and help us out, please do. We test Gym Workout Tracker by taking it into the gym and using it, the same way our users would. With all the testing we do, we don't notice everything, if you notice a bug you'd like to see fixed or have a feature request that you'd love to see in the app, send us a message via our website gymworkouttracker.com, and we'll get right back to you.

Have a great workout and keep pushing forward.

Thanks for reading,
The Gym Workout Tracker Team