Features and updates

Gym workout tracker has some of the best features available within a gym app to date. And there's more on the way.


You already know that using Gym Workout Tracker you have the ability to create your own plans from scratch, but did you know that you also have ability to create an exercise on the fly, even if it doesn't exist in our exercise repository, you'll never be stuck for something to do. Remember, when you create an exercise that doesn't exist in our exercise repository, we add it for everyone to use, so try to give it a meaningful name and description so that others find it easy to understand what to do and how to perform the exercise.

By adding exercises, you're not only creating one beast of a workout plan for yourself, but you're also helping others move forward with theirs.

Upcoming features:

Social Sharing:

We're working on giving you a better social experience, you'll be able to browse your friends workouts and see the exercises they've performed with the ability to comment and like the activity, you'll be able to help motivate your friend and introduce some healthy competition. (If you're that sort of person that is.) We'll also be introducing social media sharing into the app so that you'll be able to share your workouts with friends that don't get have Gym Workout Tracker. Who knows... maybe you'll motivate some friends to get off the couch and join you in the gym for a workout to remember.

Workout Summary:

Let's face it, there's more that a bit of wiggle room when it comes to space for improvement on the workout summary and historic workout pages, we're also working on giving you a better UI on these pages so that you'll find it easier to understand what you've done and what could be improved. Keep an eye on the articles area for more information in the following few weeks.

For those geeks out there, here's a full list of changes in the latest version:

  • Added ability to remove plans that have been shared with me.
  • Added extra options to plan builder.
  • Changed descriptions to make app easier to understand.
  • Fixed issue where copied set numbers wouldn't increment.
  • Added close button to historic workout log.
  • Fixed issue where logging page would scroll to top.
  • Fixed issue where logging out and in again would break settings.
  • Added option to change weight stepper increment value.
  • Various 1RM updates/fixes.
  • Various layout fixes.
  • Auto scrolls to added/updated exercise in workout list.
  • General performance improvements.
  • New start page and registration layout.
  • Logged in user workouts now display on feed.
  • Fixed issue where only 9 items would display on feed.
  • Added begin workout button to plan builder.
  • Fixed issue where historic log text render on top of date bar.
  • Fixed incorrect average weight value.
  • Fixed issue where choose another plan' doesn't display when there's only one other plan.
  • New historic log layout.